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Simply Southern Wedding Blog - Owner, Joan TrefzWelcome to Simply Southern – a wedding inspiration blog, unique online retail store, and my new favorite pastime. I will start by introducing myself.

I’m Joan. I grew up in Athens, GA, live in lovely Savannah, GA and I started Simply Southern in 2012 as a sort of self exploration project. My background is in events and marketing, both of which I love, but I was ready for a new creative experience and challenge.

Why weddings, you ask? A great question with several answers.

Familiarity…Working in the resort and private country club industries, I was up close and personal with weddings every weekend for a span of time, exposing me to an spectrum of wedding styles.

Access…I also happen to be twenty-something and have lost count of the amount of engaged and recently married couples I know (I have been a bridesmaid twice in the past 6 months) giving me access to amazing wedding photography, brainstorming sessions, friendly advice, and other inspiration from the beautiful women around me.

Proximity…Being in Savannah, I am a quick 1 hour drive from historic Beaufort, Hilton Head Island, and St. Simons Island, 2 hours from Charleston and Jacksonville, 4 hours from Charlotte and Atlanta…the list goes on. There are remarkable wedding destinations all over the south and I have the pleasure of living very close to some of the most notable ones.

This visual inspiration blog is a work in progress, but I suspect that it will become a fun blend of pictures from actual weddings, vendor spotlights, diy wedding ideas, and products featured from my online store simplysouthernwedding.com.

Want to share your wedding photos, wedding planning advise, diy projects, or other wedding inspiration with Simply Southern? Please email me or fill out our contact form. Each wedding featured on our blog is carefully selected for character, natural beauty, and thoughtful details. We can’t wait to hear your love story.

I hope that you will also visit my store and browse my hand-picked collection of unique wedding décor, personalized wedding favors, hand-crafted items, diy wedding crafts, and more. Looking for something specific? Please let me know – I would love to hear your ideas and will do my best to help you find exactly what you need for your special day. I am just getting started and am always on the lookout for fun new items, so check in with us often to see what products have been added.

Happy planning!


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